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Presto Album! keeps your photos
organized on-the-go


A small price for a hard-working app

  • Yearly
Presto Album! Lite


14-day Trial
  • One-time payment
  • Cancel anytime
Presto Album!


  • Automatic Albums
  • Unlimited Sub-Albums
  • Secure Digital Vault
  • Document Scanner
  • Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, Dropbox
  • Cloud Shared Folders


  • 300 GB Disk Space
  • 15 Sub Domains
  • Webmail
  • SSL
  • Phone Support
  • 300 GB Disk Space


  • 1000 GB Disk Space
  • 20 Sub Domains
  • SSL
  • Phone Support


  • 2000 GB Disk Space
  • 25 Sub Domains
  • Webmail
  • SSL
  • Phone Support


  • 3000 GB Disk Space
  • 30 Sub Domains
  • Webmail
  • SSL
  • Phone Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Album Curation. Many of us have struggled with keeping our photos and videos organized on our phone. Although the popular apps out there try and help you organize things by recognizing faces or curating things based on location or dates, the joy of making albums has always been to manually pick the photos and videos and place them in an album. This is cumbersome, time consuming and inefficient to do on your phone. Presto Album automatically files all your snaps and videos into the album of your choice as you take them so you never have to worry about putting things into albums after the fact. Something none of us ever seem to find the time to do!

Simplicity. As we mentioned before, Apps like Photos or Google Photos have clever ways of trying to make sense of your memories by faces, objects, dates and places. We think this isn’t good enough. We are all unique and we have our own unique way of remembering things. Would you rather look for “Jimmy’s First Birthday” rather than asking the popular app “Show me photos and videos of Jimmy that occurred at the park, the house, the pizza restaurant that took place on February 17, 2003”. What happens, if you forgot you took the kids to the laser tag place or the amusement park, you will have to remember all those details or you might not see those shots.

Albums and Sub-Albums. Presto Album! allows you to create albums within albums (sub-albums) to help you keep things organized and easy to find. Presto Album! also allows you to treat your entire cloud directory as one big album. You can sync the folders you want to use within the app for taking photos or making videos and they will be automatically uploaded to that folder. If it doesn’t exist, when you create an album or sub-album within Presto Album!, it automatically creates the folder and/or sub-folder on the configured cloud service and uploads the photos and videos to that particular folder/sub-folder. Everything is done seamlessly in the background so you can focus on capturing that moment or snapping that important picture!

YES! Presto Album! creates secure albums within the app an on your device ONLY that are protected by Apple biometrics (Face ID / Touch ID / Device Passcode). This means that only you can access these albums and no one else. The popular apps have the ability to create a SINGLE hidden album but anyone who knows about this and, has access to your device, can get access to the hidden album because it is not secure. Not to mention because there is only ONE hidden album, it can become quickly cluttered and difficult to find anything... imagine scrolling through 1000’s of photos trying to find that one thing you were looking for. Presto Album! allows you to create as many secure albums as you like and requires you to authenticate every time you want to access the secure album.... this ensures your private photos and videos can only be accessed by you.

You bet. Think of it as a an amusement park. Once you get in to the park, you can do whatever you want (go on the rollercoaster, bumper cars, buy candied apples, etc.) but you have to get past the ticket taker first! With Presto Album!, once you are authenticated and now have access to the particular secure album, you can create albums within the secure album and use them for storing personal and private photos and videos. This gives users the maximum flexibility to choose how they want to protect and organize their media securely.

Scanning has become a common use of modern smartphones. Presto Album! has implemented an excellent scanner so that all your documents that you capture are straight, crisp and instantly filed in the folder / album of your choice. Now all your receipts, documents, business cards etc. will look like they were scanned by a professional without the need of one of those expensive scanners!

Presto Album! has a very feature-rich cloud implementation. Currently, we support all the major clients such as iCloud Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive and Box! Presto Album! differs from other camera apps because Presto Album! automatically creates the folders and sub-folders on your cloud service so that everything is neatly organized rather than the “catch all” that most camera apps do.

We’ve all been there. We capture a memory and want to share it with family or friends and the only we can easily do it is open up Facebook and post it or open up a Whatsapp conversation and send the photo or video to your firends or loved ones. Most people are concerned they won’t get a picture or video and so we always ask the designated photographer to capture the moment with their phone so that they don’t have to worry about waiting to receive it from someone else. Presto Album! solves this issue by taking advantage of the cloud and shared cloud folders and treating them like photo albums. Now anyone who has Presto Album! can quickly sync with a shared cloud folder and instantly all the photos and videos are available on your device. Any photos and videos you make are automatically uploaded to the shared folder for everyone else and they are made available to them as you make them. With Presto Album! cloud sharing technology you may never need to share via Instant Message or Social Media again!

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